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Our Pre Order System

Welcome to The Movie and TV Store Pre-Order System.

We created this system so you can pre-order your favorite items before they are released.


Items marked as pre-orders are not yet in stock
You will see an availability date, these are approximate and subject to change.
Manufacturers will change the delivery dates without informing us but we always try to update these as often as possible. We recommend signing up for product updates for latest information.


Important Notes

Coupons may not be applicable to pre-orders (and usually back orders) our system will only apply coupons to in stock items (unless otherwise noted)

You are paying for your pre-order when you checkout, your card will be charged at that time.

As pre-orders can take a while to arrive can ask for a refund anytime up until the product is either in stock or on it's way to us. 
Once items are in stock you will be notified by email.

Please email or call if you have any questions.